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Video Intercom System

This customer had his parents living in the annex adjacent to the main house, the system comprised of a 2 button video outdoor station located on the pillar of the driveway gate, button one called the house & button 2 called the annex.

Inside the house and annex we installed 7 inch touch screen indoor stations flush mounted in a convenient location.

The outdoor stations have a HD camera and microphone built into the unit so you can have a 2 way conversation with the caller and operate the electric gate/ doors.

The indoor touch screen stations have options to view the camera located on the outdoor stations, call other indoor stations and have video with audio with callers and the option to unlock the electric gates.

Also we connected the intercom system to the current CCTV system as both systems are made by HIK-VISION so both systems integrated seamlessly.

The customer was able to record any motion event at the outdoor station inc audio if any caller was present.

Also the intercom system was connected to the cctv mobile device app, so any calls made are also directed to the customers mobile phone app which in turn he was able to see & talk to the caller from basically anywhere in the world.

The POE Hub of the system is located out of the way which powers the stations over CAT 5 cables, so only one point of power needed.

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